Safety Philosophy — Protecting Our Most Valuable Assets

In FTIC’s philosophy of safety, our Team Members are our most valuable assets — and no phase of business is more important than their personal safety. We believe that all accidents can be prevented and that safety is an integral part of everyone’s job. Our management, Team Members, Vendors, Visitors and Customers are responsible for demonstrating safety leadership, providing a safe work environment and promoting safety as our number one value.

FTIC’s Core Safety Values:

  • All unsafe incidents and injuries are preventable
  • Working safely and looking out for each other is a condition of employment
  • All operating exposures can be and will be safeguarded
  • Educating every Team Member to work safely is essential and required
  • Incident/Injury/Illness prevention has a direct impact on Team Member
     morale, productivity, company success, and customer satisfaction
  • Recognizing and rewarding safe behaviors/activities fosters better
     understanding of our safety policies, safety philosophy, and safe practices

To contribute to safety improvement across our industry, we share best practices and lessons learned among all our Fukai / TTNA facilities and our customers. Everyone benefits we when place safety where on top of our value system.